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China's copper Wire Recycling Machine industry has a vast market.

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As people pay more and more attention to food safety issues, the main "pure manual, no added" baking products are more and more popular, although expensive, but also failed to resist the enthusiasm of "bakers". Whether it's entertaining yourself at home and enjoying making desserts, or opening personalized baking studios, Delicious is redefining the concept of baking.
As more and more hand-made bakeries appear in shopping malls, as the desserts and biscuits sold in the Friends'Circle are becoming more and more attractive, and when a 3-year-old tells you that children in kindergarten eat cake made by their mother, you may find that desserts are no longer spent 2 or 3 yuan on a pineapple bread for breakfast, at the neighborhood door. Buying a honey cake for 10 yuan and 2 jin at the mouth, or a birthday cake at a street cake shop, is as simple as that.
Disadvantages of baking industry
Baking machinery product structure is unreasonable, small and medium-sized equipment low-level repetitive production, supply exceeds demand; large-scale, complete equipment development is slow, still need a large number of repetitive imports; some energy-consuming, technologically backward products can not be eliminated in time, baking food machinery is no exception, baking furnace thermal efficiency is low, energy consumption is large; many manufacturers produce a large number of; Production and flour machine, oven and egg beating machine, resulting in product backlog. Most of the baking machinery manufacturing enterprises with low technological development ability are small and medium-sized enterprises, and their technological development ability is weak. Especially, many small manufacturers are used to imitating the products, but the design and manufacturing technology are often not pass.
How will the baking food machinery industry develop in China?
China's baking machinery industry is a cross-sectoral industry, independent, forming a fragmented situation, it is difficult to effectively carry out national unified industry management, macro-control and micro-guidance is not effective. According to the statistics of relevant departments, in 1990 China's food machinery had not yet formed an industrial system, only 360 enterprises producing packaging machinery and food machinery. China's food machinery industry has a short history of development, most of the enterprises are not high in technical level, lack of production and management experience, too much attention to expand production, and slow progress in improving production technology level. Developed food machinery enterprises have advanced machinery manufacturing equipment and enterprise management methods, making the enterprise production technology and management level in a position.
Directions for future improvement
Developed food machinery industry attaches importance to the collection of information. Generally, companies have set up special organizations to collect, collate and analyze market information, and provide reliable and reliable market forecast analysis for company decision-making in a timely manner. The information of food machinery enterprises in our country is blocked, and the necessary information system has not been built, and the information sources are single; the communication between industries, within the industry, enterprises and research institutes is lack; the enterprises do not know the situation of the same industry at home, but also lack the understanding of similar products abroad.
Nowadays, the new technologies which are widely used in food machinery include intelligent technology, nanotechnology, membrane separation technology, cold sterilization technology, extrusion technology, ultra-fine grinding technology and supercritical extraction technology. The advantages of nanotechnology and intelligent technology in baking food machinery are particularly prominent.
Nano-ceramics have good wear resistance, high strength and strong toughness, and can be used to manufacture cutting tools, as well as packaging and food machinery sealing rings, bearings, etc. to improve its wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be used as infrared absorbing and transmissive materials to make functional films or fibers. It can be used in infrared drying and sterilization equipment of food machinery. After years of operation and development, the food recruitment and baking machinery industry is transiting from the traditional simple machine to the automatic machine.
Intelligent control component system has been widely used in the control system of food machinery. Programmable logic controller, various new sensors and micro-computer technology have been used in all aspects of food machinery production process, especially in some large-scale food processing production lines. Intelligent electronic control components connect the individual machines of food machinery effectively, which not only fully improves the production efficiency, but also further develops the potential of the machine. At the same time, the computer technology in intelligent technology makes the operation process of food processing more simple and convenient. Using computer to control working procedure and processing schedule, and equipped with various parameter measuring devices, the processing, measuring and testing can be completed by one machine, which can significantly improve the production efficiency of food machinery, improve labor conditions, improve product quality, reduce processing costs and enhance the competitiveness of products.
Development needs to be more comprehensive
In order to improve international competitiveness, increase exports and expand domestic demand, the government should attach great importance to the research work of baking food machinery in our country.
In addition, baking food in addition to bread, cake, moon cakes, a wide range of baking food, many baking food has no special production equipment. Therefore, baking machinery enterprises should adjust the product structure, strive to improve product quality and improve technical level; pay attention to the design, production and supply of complete sets, in order to enhance the competitiveness of products in the domestic and international markets. There are many manufacturers of food machinery in Japan, but few manufacturers produce the same equipment. Each manufacturer's products have its own characteristics and advantages, and most of them are between Japanese manufacturers.

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Advantage analysis

Advantage analysis

Convenient operation

Fully automatic crushing. Feeding. Vacuuming. Separation. Only one person to feed can be produced, advanced dust collection device, dry separation, separation of finished products can be directly sold. The aircraft is an advanced waste line separation equipment in China.
No dust and no secondary pollution, and has a higher economic efficiency of recovery, and a high-speed copper and plastic recovery process. Functions: 1: Star Triangle Starting Cabinet; 2: Motor Thermal Protection Device; 3: Delayed Starting Protection Function;
It is easy to operate and can be fed once and after crushing. The transportation is carried out and the dry type is separated. The cleanliness is proportional to the diameter of a single copper wire. The thicker the wire is, the cleaner the separation is.
The copper rice machine adopts the domestic advanced waste line.
Delayed start protection function protection personnel
Equipped with star triangle starting cabinet, motor thermal protection device, etc.
The new structure is easy to operate and can be fed at one time.
No dust and no secondary pollution, and has a higher
economic efficiency of recovery, and a high-speed copper
and plastic recovery process.
Easy to operate, it can be fed at once and crushed.
After that, transportation is carried out and dry
Easy to operate, it can be fed at
once and crushed..
The model adopts the most advanced waste line separation
equipment in China. Advanced dust collection
Device, dry separation, separated products can be directly sold.
For all kinds of automotive circuit,
motorcycle lines and so on.
Automatic crushing, feeding, vacuum cleaning, separation, only one person to feed can be produced, greatly reducing the cost of labor.
1: star triangle starting cabinet; 2: motor dynamic thermal protection device; 3: delay.
Dynamic protection function; 4: vibration automatic control; 5: magnetic separator function.